How long before they flower?

These plants will possibly show a flower or two in year 2 and as they mature going into year 3 the flowering will become more prolific. I would anticipate full flowering will occur in Year 4 as the plants develop some serious above ground biomass.

The flowering period is typically 2 months. Some individuals within a community will start flowering while others will flower later. The actual length of the flowering of individual plants is not 2 months but a matter of  maybe weeks but as a community the flowering lasts around 2 months from the very first flowers to the very last flowers.

It needs to be emphasised that this will be affected by fluctuating climatic conditions particularly rainfall.

It is expected that in a managed environment that they will have a life span of 30 – 40 years

A rain event and/or an irrigation application at the time of bud formation may assist flowering density.